Discover Strategies to Flip Houses Like the Pros

Flipping houses is one of the most lucrative real estate investing strategies today. Focus on Flipping is a live, 1-Day Training designed to help you jumpstart your knowledge about flipping so you can get started right away. At the All-Day Training, we will introduce you to ways to potentially find, fund, fix and flip residential properties.

Here is What You Will Learn, and so much more!

  • The benefits of flipping properties
  • Developing a mindset for success
  • Ways to raise money to fund your investments
  • Analyzing a market before you invest
  • Building a power team
  • Strategies to find the right properties for flipping
  • Managing repair expenses and contractors
  • Ways to maximize your flipping profits
  • And much more!
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A Day Dedicated to Flipping

At the live, 1-Day Training you will discover how it's possible to get out there and start flipping. We will discuss how successful investors think outside the box and use creative strategies to find, fund, fix and flip properties today. Do not let fear keep you from getting started!

It doesn't matter what circumstances you find yourself in at the moment. It's your life and you have a choice. No one will take better care of, or care more about your money, than you. Take the next step and sign up for a live Focus on Flipping 1-Day Training now.

"No one will take better care of, or care more about your money, than you. It's your life. Dig deep and dare greatly."

Anthony Humpage

CEO, Legacy Education

Anthony Humpage Will Not Appear at This Event

Additional products and services will be offered for sale.

Guest is Included!

We encourage you to build your power team. Strong power team members can assist in growing your business and managing your time more effectively. Be sure to invite a friend, family member or business associate to join you as we share strategies that can help you get started in the flipping revolution. Remember, success is best when it's shared!

*Gross profit is defined as "the difference between the purchase price and the flipped price, not including rehab costs and other expenses incurred."

Invest In Yourself and Your Financial Future

Don't miss this powerful opportunity to discover how you can get started the right way. We don't know when we'll be in your area again, so the time to take advantage of this training is now.

You don't have to hit rock bottom to get started on the path to financial independence. It begins with a decision and a commitment to yourself. And that can happen right now.

Take the next step and sign up for Focus on Flipping now. It could potentially change your life. We hope to see you there!

You get all this for the low, one-time investment of only $97!

(That's probably what you'd spend to take your family out for dinner and a movie. The difference is this training has the potential to change your financial future)

Click on each item below to learn more:

Live, 1-Day Training
Designed to show you the strategies to flip like the pros. Choose from three different event locations in your local area.
Focus on Flipping Toolkit
A useful 4-in-1 tool combining a metal self-locking tape measure, level, notepad and pen. It is a multi-purpose tool that will come in handy during your house flipping field trips.
Rehab Checklist
A valuable resource you can use on your field inspections. It provides a list of key items to evaluate as you tour various properties, including areas requiring repair, cleaning or replacement.
Home Study Kit
You will have immediate online access to powerful training resources designed to help you get started fast including the Guide to Real Estate Investing, Money Matters and the Pocket Glossary. You will also receive your Home Study Kit at the day of the training.

But Wait, There's More!

Bonus Gifts

We're not done yet. We want to give you the tools and education you need in order to get started on the right path. You will have online access to the Legacy Learning Series, which contains additional educational resources available on a rotating basis. Currently offered in the Legacy Learning Series are downloadable rehab checklists; a Real Estate Action Plan; How to Obtain, Increase and Preserve Your Credit; the Sacred Cows of Money video and many more valuable resources just for attending the 1-Day Training.

What Our Students Are Saying

Focus on Flipping FAQ

Q: How long is the training?

A: The Focus on Flipping 1-Day Training is set up to last for 8 hours. The training hours are from 9am-5pm. We highly advise that you arrive 30 minutes prior (8:30am) to your training to give yourself enough time to check-in at registration.

Q: What should I bring to the training?

A: A notepad and pen to take notes. A jacket/sweater is also recommended to bring, as the temperature in the training room may vary.

Q: Can I record the training?

A: No cameras or recording devices are permitted during the training.

Q: Can I bring a guest?

A: One guest is included with the purchase of your training. We encourage you to bring a friend, family member or business associate with you to the 1-Day Training.

Q: Can my guest attend a different training session than I attend?

A: No. your guest must attend the same training as you.

Q: Will there be food at the training?

A: Yes, a boxed lunch is included with the purchase of your training. There will be a lot of important information to share with you, so lunch will take place during training hours. Note: You are responsible for snacks outside of lunch.

Q: What if I have dietary restrictions?

A: If you have dietary restrictions, there will be vegetarian options available. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch to the training.

Q: Will there be breaks during the training?

A: There is no designated break time during the training, but personal breaks and restroom breaks are permissible.

Q: Will beverages be provided during the training?

A: Yes, water will be provided throughout the duration of the training. Coffee will be provided from 8am-10am.

Q: What if I need to reschedule my training?

A: If you can't make your scheduled training date, please let us know as soon as possible. We will notify you when we are back in your area.